ADCB Branches in Al Ain: Know what’s around you!

We live in a world where convenience is king. The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has made banking more convenient for their customers by making the ADCB branches available all over the UAE. ADCB Branches in Al Ain has been one of ADCB’s most successful locations. In this blog post, we will take a look at what ADCB Branches in Al Ain offers and how it can improve your experience with ADCB!

Brief Overview about the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, ADCB

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, ADCB is an international bank that specializes in providing commercial banking services to individuals and businesses. The organization was founded on November 20th, 1985 by several prominent businessmen within the UAE and has since grown into one of the most respected banks in the Middle East region.

Through their network of branches across forty-one worldwide locations, the ADCB offers their customer’s a range of banking services that include loans and credit facilities, various deposit accounts as well as foreign currency deposits.

Useful Banking Services for Customer

Today, ADCB is providing plenty of banking services to its customers, such as ADCB Credit Cards, 24/7 active ADCB Customer Care Service, and more. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank also provides a complete range of banking services that meet the demand for wealth management and investment with an aim to provide security, peace of mind as well as profitability.

An International Bank in the UAE

ADCB is now open in ten countries including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain & Oman, etc., given its diversity and local presence which provides them direct access to local markets. ADCB is the first bank to introduce this kind of facility in Bahrain with a range of new products and services that are suitable for institutions, fund managers as well as high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) who want risk-free transactions at competitive returns.

Provides a full range of Islamic Banking Services

These include Islamic Murabaha Investment Accounts which are based on profit and loss sharing to ensure transparency as well as liquidity. The ADCB provides a full range of Islamic banking and investment solutions, which help customers take advantage of their assets and invest in ways that align with their values and beliefs.

Keep on finding new banking innovations for customers 

In addition, ADCB has launched a new current account called ADCO which is tailored to suit the needs of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing them with flexible payment terms, no fees on transactions below AED 3000, and zero percent interest rates on loans up to AED 50 000. The ADCO account can be opened without any minimum balance or monthly service fee.

Why should I select the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, ADCB?

ADCB offers a range of financial products and services that are competitively priced, flexible, and tailored to meet your needs.

This includes both personal banking services such as current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, etc., but also corporate banking solutions for companies including loans, cash management, etc.

You can apply for all their account opening services online, meaning you can open your account from the comfort of your own home.

Or if you prefer to go into a branch, which is located all around Abu Dhabi city center, they have an experienced team who will be happy to assist with any queries or questions you may have about their services.

ADCB also offers both personal and corporate customers the opportunity to access its services in more than 160 international locations.

Finally, they also offer a range of personalized financial planning solutions that will help you create and maintain wealth throughout your life stages.

Reasons to select ADCB in the UAE:

You should bank with ADCB bank because they are one of the leading banks in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They have a wide array of services available to suit your needs.

You should bank with ADCB bank because:

  • They offer free cash withdrawal at over 3000 ATMs across the country and through any ATM that displays Maestro or Cirrus.
  • They offer a free ADCB ATM Card with your account.
  • You can choose from more than 15 types of accounts, such as Time Deposit and Current Accounts.
  • ADCB Bank offers a wider branch network across the UAE compared to other banks in Abu Dhabi.
  • ADCB offers online banking which is perfect for those who want access to their account without having to step out of their homes!

You get all this for very competitive interest rates! Plus, if you open a current account with ADCB bank, you will be entitled to free insurance cover for your credit card.

Where is Al-Ain & why it is an important location in the UAE?

Location of Al-Ain, UAE

Al-Ain is located in the Northern UAE and is a city of over 100,000 people. It is rich with culture and history as it was once part of the Omani Sultanate which ruled this land for hundreds of years before becoming part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Al-Ain’s location makes it an important gateway to many other places including Dubai.

Lots of Natural Landmarks

It also has plenty of natural features to explore including the Wadi Adventure Park with its water slides, rope courses, and other high-adventure activities. Moreover, it has a large number of facilities, such as hospitals and schools, that make it a suitable place to live. In fact, many people from Dubai purchase second homes in Al-Ain as the two places are only an hour apart by car.

Home of UAE Banks 

Similarly, Al-Ain is the home of all popular banks in the UAE. You can easily find all bank branches and ATMs in Al-Ain which makes it easy for residents to access their money. Particularly, Al-Ain is popular with ADCB branches and extensive ATM Networks.

Popular Tourist Destination 

In addition, this city is becoming more popular with tourists as it has been named one of the “Best Value Destinations” for 2019 by Lonely Planet. It is a great value destination because it has plenty of culture and outdoor activities that make for an ideal vacation location.

Called “Best Value Destinations” for 2019 by Lonely Planet

It also offers people the opportunity to see more of the UAE as they travel from Al-Ain to Dubai, which is home to famous landmarks such as Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world), Jumeriah Beach, and the Dubai Mall (the world’s largest mall).

Tourists can enjoy a one-day trip to Oman 

People can also take a day trip to Oman which is only an hour away from Al-Ain. It offers amazing places such as Qalhat, Nakhl Fort, Wadi Shab Mountains Reserve, and more! Moreover, people who want to travel further and explore the other Emirates and Oman can book a cheap flight from Al-Ain.

This city is truly an underrated travel destination that should be on every traveler’s bucket list!

ADCB Branches in Al Ain: Know what’s around you!

The ADCB branches in Al Ain are located in the heart of the town. ADCB or Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank has been operating for over 25 years and has a long history of success. The ADCB branches in Al Ain offer some great services to its customers such as:

  • Personal Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Private Wealth Management
  • Islamic Banking

Personal Banking at ADCB Al-Ain Branches

ADCB Al-Ain Branches offers a full range of Personal Banking services to meet your individual and business needs.

From current accounts, personal loans, savings schemes, and mortgages they aim to provide you with an outstanding service that is both efficient and convenient. ADCB also offers access to all the latest online banking facilities through our award-winning ADCB Home Internet Banking.

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, ADCB offers a range of products for individuals looking to protect themselves against various risks.

ADCB also offers a range of savings schemes to suit your needs and budget, as well as offering you the best current accounts for daily transactions on an ongoing basis.

For more information about any of their personal banking services please contact them or visit your nearest branch today!

  • Current Accounts
  • Loans & Financing
  • Savings
  • Mortgages
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Home Internet Banking
  • Concessions for Students and Young Adults Under 25 years old.

For all personal banking services at ADCB Al-Ain Branches, you can contact any of their branches or call us on 800 ADCB (2322).

Corporate Banking at ADCB Al-Ain Branches

ADCB was established in 1985 as Abu Dhabi’s first local commercial bank. They are the first bank in Abu Dhabi to offer Islamic Banking. ADCB has a large international footprint with branches and representative offices in 17 countries across three continents, having recently acquired Barclays Bank PLC’s UAE franchise agreement which includes retail operations inside ADCB’s existing branch network of 38 branches.

ADCB has 100+ locations in UAE and offers business customers 24/seven services through an integrated network of branches, ATMs & merchant outlets. Their strong relationships with international financial institutions enable them to provide the best price execution for trade financing activities along with competitive margin rates.

ADCB’s international presence will give you more opportunities to grow your business around the world and lets you focus on what matters most: building a successful company, not managing your money.

ADCB Al-Ain Branch is a full-service, retail and corporate bank with an international reach. Their business model is built on the pillars of Commercial Banking; Private Banking; Treasury & Capital Markets; Wealth Management and Retail Financial Services – all designed to meet their customers’ needs across their life cycle: from early-stage companies through to large corporations.

  • ADCB is a full-service, retail and corporate bank.
  • Their business model consists of Commercial Banking; Private Banking; Treasury & Capital Markets; Wealth Management and Retail Financial Services.
  • All services are designed to meet their customers’ needs across the customer life cycle.

For further information visit their website at: or contact them by phone +9712 444 6000 (from within UAE) / 009712 444 6000 (from outside UAE).

Private Wealth Management at ADCB Al-Ain Branches

ADCB is knowledgeable and has experience with the private wealth management field to provide its customers with an excellent standard of service. The institution’s private wealth management team is made up entirely of professionals who have experience in the industry and will help you succeed as a client.

ADCB has a team of experts that work with individuals, companies, and institutions to help them achieve their financial goals through private wealth management services. The bank can provide tailored advice on asset allocation strategies according to an individual’s needs for liquidity, capital growth, or stability using its multi-class investment platform. It manages assets for its private banking clients to ensure their portfolios are diversified and risk-adjusted.

ADCB’s team of experts is made up of professionals with strong experience in the industry, which ensures that you will receive an excellent standard of service as a client. The bank has been established for over 25 years and has grown into an international bank with assets of over $75 billion that operates across the GCC and North Africa region.

Islamic Banking at ADCB Al-Ain Branches 

ADCB’s Islamic Banking offers a full range of products and services to suit your lifestyle. Their Shari’a-compliant banking solutions offer the same benefits as conventional banking, with added flexibility and personalized service.

The key difference is that ADCB does not make any profit from Riba-based transactions or other activities deemed haram by Sharia law.

Your Islamic Banking experience in one click at ADCB!

ADCB Islamic Banking offers you the best of both worlds (Conventional and Shariah Compliant).

ADCB Islamic Banking offers the same protection to your deposits as other conventional bank accounts. The difference is that you are protected by Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) rather than by depositors’ insurance schemes run by nationalized commercial banks.

The interest charged on loans in an Islamic bank is much lower than that charged by conventional banks because the latter derive their revenue from interest, whereas Islamic Banks do not.

More details about ADCB Islamic Banking Accounts

ADCB Islamic Banking accounts are fully functional current or savings accounts with no restrictions on a number of transactions including a checkbook facility for withdrawals at ADCB ATMs and branches. You can also access your account through ADCB Internet Banking or ADCB Mobile App.

ADCB Islamic banking account is subject to the same standard fees applicable for all bank accounts at ADCB, which are either free of charge or minimal in nature. However, you will be charged a fee on your ATM usage at any other branch outside of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank network.

The ADCB was the first bank in UAE to launch Islamic banking, back in 1982. It is also one of the largest financial institutions with an A+ rating from Standard & Poor.

Locations of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Al-Ain Branches Al-Ain

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ADCB Al-Ain Main Branch

Address: Al Mutawaa Area, Street Hessa Bint Mohammed, ADCB Building-15180, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone # +971 3 7031800
Timings: 08:00 AM – 03:00 PM Saturday to Thursday
  • Teller Transactions
  •  Excellency Center
  • ATM Services (Cash withdrawals, Cash & Cheque Deposits)
  • Customer Service
  • Safe Deposit Lockers Service

ADCB Al-Yahar Branch, Al-Ain

Address: Al-Yahar, Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road, ADCB Building81084 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone # +971 3 7028925
Timings: 08:00 AM – 03:00 PM Saturday to Thursday
  • Teller Transactions
  •  Excellency Center
  • ATM Services (Cash withdrawals, Cash & Cheque Deposits)
  • Safe Deposit Lockers Service
  • Customer Service

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