Indian Schools in Dubai – A Conclusive Analysis

Dubai is the city of opportunities. It is the home of expatriates from several nations. Likewise, it is a popular job and business destination for Indians. It will not be an exaggeration to call Dubai the second Homeland for Indians. There are a lot of colonies in Dubai that are densely populated by Indian residents. A few families now have their second generation so they have arranged all the necessary essentials for daily life. It is the first priority of every Indian to send his offsprings to those institutions which follow the Indian curriculum. Luckily, today there are plenty of Indian schools in Dubai that purely follow the Indian curriculum.

It is a fact that even if you have spent all your life in a foreign country but still your heart will beat with your home nation. The same is the case with all the Indian expatriates in Dubai. They want their young ones to learn all the colors and beauties of the Indian culture, and the best way is to teach them through school education.

Indian schools in Dubai are delivering top-quality education for decades now. Also, the number of Indian schools is increasing with each passing year and their students are performing extraordinarily well in the UAE. As the competition in the education sector is increasing, Indian schools are also striving even harder to meet the expectations of the public. This article will discuss some of the most trustworthy Indian schools in Dubai.

The Indian High School, Dubai

Indian high school has the privilege to be the first Indian School in Dubai. Its inauguration took place in the Year 1961. Since then the Indian High School has been passing top-ranked education to its students. It was founded with the only perception of delivering high-class education particularly to the children of Indian ex-pats in Dubai. The school is affiliated with the Central secondary education board (CBSE). It has been awarded by numerous organizations has the best Indian School with exceptional ratings. The Indian high school has the honor to get the prestigious Dubai School of Art from his Excellency, the Prince of Dubai.

The students are indeed the best asset of any educational Institution. It has the reputation of enrolling brilliant 12,000 students each year in the senior school campus. This senior school provides education from grade 5 students to grade 12 students. The Indian High School gives the choice to its 10th-grade students to either opt for Arts, computer science, commerce, or science.

It is amongst the vision statement of the Indian High School do not only deliver high-quality education but also develop the overall character of a child. The school does not believe in producing only educated people but they believe in creating good human beings and responsible citizens of society. For this purpose, the school arranges a number of extracurricular activities to develop the personality of a student. Moreover, it has a variety of student bodies, school societies, and sports clubs which keep on organizing various student Activities focused on arts, science, and sports tournaments. Furthermore, the  School administration organizes educational trips to several notable destinations in Dubai and other states. Finally, the Indian High School publishes multiple domestic journals and gives their students an opportunity to polish their writing skills, painting abilities and other creative talents.

Overview of Indian High School Dubai

Syllabus ModuleIndian Syllabi set by CBSE, Dubai
Annual Fee (approx)AED 5,500 - 10,500
Overall RatingBrilliant (by KHDA)
Available Classes (Grades)Grade 5 - Grade 12
No. of enrolled students 5800 (approx)
System of EducationMixed Gender
Number of Teaching Staff430
Contact Number+97143377475
AddressNear Out Metha, Dubai City

Review about the Indian High School

It is one of the best schools in Dubai following the Indian curriculum as their primary course of study. The primary language of teaching is English. It has students from the ages of 3 years to a maximum of 22 years. The school has a primary school campus, secondary school and a college section. It has classes from grade 1 to grade 12. The results produced by the school are quite satisfactory over the years. Most of the parents give good remarks about the performance of the faculty and administrative staff. An overview of various key factors is as follows:

ParameterRating (out of 10)
Overall Performance9
Faculty 8
Sport Activities7
Music & Arts8
Science & Technology8

Delhi Private School (DPS) Dubai

Delhi private school is indeed one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. Commonly recognized as DPS, it was established in the year 2003 in Dubai. One of the major purposes of its establishment was to impart Indian education to the children of the Indian expats in Dubai. It is located in Gardens Avenue Dubai. Above all, the school is recognized by the central Secondary educational board (CBSE) which Ensure the quality of Education. It has a large student strength of over 3,500 enrolled scholars. It is a co-educational school, dedicated to building the personality and character of its students. The school has gained enough popularity among the public there now it has another branch too located in Sharjah.

Delhi Private School believes in the strengths of their students. It appreciates the performance of brilliant students and gives them awards, scholarships and cash prizes on their achievements. The institution has a large number of facilities for extracurricular activities. The main campus of Dubai has a large area and abundant space available for indoor and outdoor sports activities. The school administration is divided into various blocks such as secondary block for Grade 9-grade 12, milestone block for grade 5-grade 8 and primary block for Montessori-grade 4.

The school is enriched with all the necessary amenities for non-educational ventures. It has a beautiful Sports Complex furnished with a Charming swimming pool, compelling volleyball ground, attractive badminton court and numerous other indoor sports activities. As a result, the school has competitive sports teams that have played numerous tournaments for in-house and intra-school competitions. Some notable sports teams include but not limited to badminton, cricket, volleyball, football and swimming.

The Delhi Private School also keeps on organizing many educational competitions under the Umbrella of various scholarly societies. It has a very popular math club which has a large number of students who are exceptional in mathematics and make a good name for the school in various mathematics competition throughout the UAE. Moreover, there is a very energetic debating Club which is forecast to prepare students for public speaking debate competitions. That is the reason that the Dehli Private School has a lot of debating competition in Dubai. Finally, the school authorities organize educational trips for students to explore their hidden abilities.

Overview of Delhi Private School Dubai

CurriculumIndian Curriculum set by CBSE
Annual Fee (approx)AED 10,900 - 14500
Overall RatingSplendid (defined by KHDA)
Available Grades Montessori - Grade 12
No. of students (approx)3700
System of EducationCo-Education
Number of Teaching Staff200
Contact Number+97148821848
DPS Website
AddressJebel Ali, Dubai City

Review about Delhi Private School Dubai

Delhi private school follows the Indian curriculum on the Standard set by CBSE, Dubai. Parents are quite satisfied with the overall performance of the school teaching staff and management. DPS gives the student to participate in several national and international examinations such as AISSE, IBT, PIRLS, PISA and TIMSS. Moreover, DPS practices various Indian typical cultural activities such as traditional dancing, morning School parade and typical Indian prayers. This school is equipped with all the necessary facilities. It has competitive Laboratories such as computer labs, physics lab, chemistry lab, and language lab. It is also decorated with a very charming central library, a fully furnished auditorium for indoor sports, attractive basketball and volleyball courts.

 MontessoriPrimary Campus Middle Campus Secondary Campus
English Language Proficiencyvery goodoutstandingoutstandingoutstanding
Mathematics Expertise very goodvery goodvery goodoutstanding
Science Knowledge very goodvery goodvery goodoutstanding
Student Personality Development outstandingoutstandingoutstandingoutstanding
Teaching Assessments satisfactoryAverage very good very good
Safety, Health & Protection for Students outstandingoutstandingoutstandingoutstanding
Sport Activitiesaverage good very goodsatisfactory
Music & Artsgood good very good good
Arabic Language good good good good

Gems Modern Academy (GMA) Dubai

Gems Modern Academy is one of the best and top- results producing Indian institutions in Dubai. This noble institution has the honour to get an “outstanding rating” for consecutive five years, which is indeed a remarkable achievement. Its Foundation stone was laid back in the year 1986 for the sole purpose of delivering the best education to the children of Indian expats in Dubai. Ever since its establishment, the Gems Modern Academy Dubai has never seen backwards. One of the top intentions behind its formation was to groom its students into effective and good citizens for the society of Dubai. This is the reason that the Gems Modern Academy is the first pick for the Indian parents residing in Dubai.

Over the time of the last 30 years, gems Modern Academy Dubai has established itself into one of the preeminent educational institutions in Dubai. School is affiliated with the Indian Schools Examinations Council (CISCE) and following the Indian curriculum to deliver excellent education to its students. The institution has three facilities e from Pre-kindergarten Level to the Grade-12. It is mostly focused on the development of the youngest pre-kindergarten children to save them into noble future personalities.

Today, the gems Modern Academy Dubai has more than 3800 enrolled students with more than 250 teachers. Therefore, having a handsome teacher to student ratio of approximately 1:15. From the last few years, gems Modern Academy Dubai is running two shifts. It has a morning shift at the regular working hours in the morning and Afternoon Curriculum Enhancement (AFC) shift for slow-learners students and for kids. This new experiment has performed exceptionally well for the gems Modern Academy Dubai and has brought even better results in the Board examinations.

Decide educational activities, the Gems Modern Academy Dubai numerous non-educational facilities to help students in grooming their personalities. It has a very popular club session which keeps on arranging various quizzes, science competitions, art exhibitions, robotics competitions etc. The institution is well equipped with various facilities such as a furnished swimming pool, beautiful basketball, tennis and volleyball courts and a comprehensive multipurpose hall.

Overview of the Gems Modern Academy Dubai

CurriculumCISCE & International Baccalaureate (IB)
Yearly Fee (approx)AED 28,500 - 52,500
Ratings from KHDAOutstanding
Year Groups (Classes)Pre-Kindergarten- Grade 12
No. of students (approx)3850
System of EducationMixed Genders Based
No. of teaching/allied teaching staff310
Contact Number+97143263339
GMA Website
Mailing AddressNadal Sheba, Dubai

Review about the Gems Modern Academy Dubai

GMA is indeed one of the best schools in Dubai. Although it is dedicated to the children of Indian ex-pats, devoting serious considerations to observe the Indian cultures and traditions. But, over the years, the Gems Modern Academy is now the preeminent choice of locals as well. Regardless of the fact that the Gems Modern Academy important of class education but it is a bit too expensive. This is the reason that most of the students at gems Modern Academy Dubai come from rich and wealthy families. It becomes quite hard for middle-class parents to afford expensive fees at this school. They want their children to get an education at this distinguished school but their pocket doesn’t allow them. Other than that, the Gems Modern Academy an ideal choice from every aspect.

 MontessoriPrimary Campus Middle Campus Secondary Campus
English Language FluencyOutstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Mathematics Competence Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Science Abilities Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding
Student Personality Development Very GoodOutstandingGood Outstanding
Teachers Rankings SatisfactoryGoodGood Good
Safety, Health & Protection for Students SatisfactoryNeed Improvement Average Average
Sport ActivitiesAverage Good Very goodSatisfactory
Music & ArtsGood Good Very Good Very Good
Arabic Language Needs Improvement Average Satisfactory Good

Gems Our Own English High School (GOOEHS) Dubai

It has the honour to be one of the oldest Indian schools in Dubai. The foundation stone of this remarkable institution was laid in the year 1968, became popular among the Indian population living in Dubai within a few years. Today it has the status of an extraordinary school presenting Top-Notch education for the last four decades. The school is affiliated with the central Secondary Board of Education (CBSE), following the Indian curriculum as its primary syllabus. The fundamental teaching language is English and special attention is given to the knowledge of the Arabic language.

GOOEHS school has the classes available from kindergarten to Grade-12. This exceptional institution believes in the development of the character and personality of their children. In order to achieve this task, the institution has equipped itself with the facilities of fundamental extracurricular activities. It has a very charming music and art studio, producing fantastic artists and musicians for the local Arab community. These students not only make the name of their institution locally, but they have won several arts and music competitions in numerous intra-school contests. Moreover, it has a charming library, fully equipped Laboratories and modern computer and information technology facilities.

The gems our own English High School Dubai has a total of almost 10000 students studying in different classes from kindergarten to grade 12. This cool proudly claims that it has students from multiple Nations, almost 22 Nations to be exact. These figures make this institution a truly multi-cultural school, an ideal environment for the students to understand multiple civilizations and make new friends globally. This exceptional institution has a large area of about 41000 square metres comprising of vast sports grounds, indoor sports auditorium and various multipurpose halls.

It has a large number of student communities and societies. This energetic student societies keep on organizing various educational and non-educational student competitions. The school has an active debating society, mathematics club and several student sports teams. The adopted system of education is co-education from kindergarten to grade 4. It becomes ” only for ladies” from grade 5 to grade 12.

Overview of the Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai

Yearly Fee (approx)AED 7,200 - 15,300
Ratings from KHDAVery Good
Year Groups (Classes)Grade 1-Grade 12
No. of students (approx)3850
System of EducationCo-Education
No. of teaching/allied teaching staff450
Contact Number+97142361335
GMA Website
Mailing AddressAl-Warqa, Dubai

Review about Gems Our Own English High School (GOOEHS) Dubai

GOOEHS is indeed one of the best Indian schools in Dubai. The quality of education is really exceptional. Most of the time, the students are taught double shifts to get a better understanding of the course contents. This is the reason that many students from the gems our own English High School get top position in Secondary School And Higher Secondary School board Examinations regularly. The extracurricular facilities are also in a good number. Unlike many other private schools in Dubai, the School has a large area and has a big playground. The students from this school are mostly fluent in English and proficient in the Arabic language. The school has the largest number of students and most of them are from the Indian community but as a whole, it has students from more than 22 nations. This multicultural environment plays a significant role in the development of student personality and character building.

The Millennium School Dubai

Although, the Millennium School Dubai is not very old, however, the quality of education is quite remarkable. The foundation stone of this school was laid in the year 2000. It was founded with a clear vision to serve the Indian community in Dubai to make them enabler them to get local Indian education easily. The Millennium School Dubai is affiliated with central Secondary Education Board (CBSE), the system of education adopted is co-education.

This institution brought a real revolution to the traditional educational system in Dubai. The building was equipped with state of the art facilities along with a very decent student boarding service. Within a few years, this school developed itself into you are a very student-friendly institution. Today, it is one of the most secure places for young children and parents trusted educational institutions in Dubai. The Millennium School Broadway New idea that all the students are equal and there is no concept of an intelligent or dull student. They believe that all the students can perform well as far as they are taught and trained in a competitive and challenging environment.

The campus has a very competing teaching staff and very cooperative administration. It has classes from kindergarten to grade 12. It is the only school in Dubai that has a day boarding facility for students in grade 4 or higher. The school is decorated with the latest computer facilities, furnished science Laboratories, compiling the central library and proper playgrounds. The Millennium School Dubai keep on organizing various computer competitions to train their students to complete the outside world in the universe of information technology. School also offers an evening Self Enhancement Program, particularly designed for those students who are interested in robotics. Moreover, it has facilities such as a swimming pool, a couple of basketball courts, a compelling football field and an indoor sports auditorium.

Overview of the Millennium School, Dubai

Yearly Fee (approx)AED 16,800 - 24,800
Ratings from KHDAVery Good
Year Groups (Classes)Grade 1-Grade 12
No. of students (approx)3850
System of EducationMixed
No. of teaching/allied teaching staff2800
Contact Number+97142988567
GMA Website
Mailing AddressAl-Qusais, Dubai

Review about the Millennium School Dubai

The Millennium School Dubai is a good choice for middle-class Indian families who want their offerings to get an education in the Indian curriculum. One really outstanding point about the Millennium School Dubai is that it provides quality education at very affordable prices. Moreover, it ensures to decorate every child with the beautiful Indian culture by organizing various cultural activities. Its students are competitive, hard-working and have innovative ideas. Most of the parents are satisfied with the performance of fertility and Management. There are enough extracurricular activities but not as much as there should be. It has all the necessary facilities as discussed above.

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