The UAE has developed itself into a world-class business and trade hub, particularly in the middle east region. Today, UAE and particularly Dubai are the center of attention for businessmen and industrialists from all over the world. This rapid industrialization resulted in thousands of new opportunities for business and management professionals. They not only have handsome salaries but they also get a significant chance to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and multinational industries. Therefore, if you are ambitious to study management, you should consider UAE as your top preference. This country will provide you with ample opportunities to grow and boost your management and business career with a good overall income.

On the other hand, if you are already working in Dubai and longing for better opportunities, you should consider getting a professional degree such as an MBA from a renowned university. This can certainly give a push to your career by giving you critical business and management skills. Dubai has some of the top-notch MBA and business management universities which have excellent global rankings and awesome graduate employability reputations. MBA is a professional degree having numerous specialization streams. One can either opt for marketing and finance, HR management or Banking and Information Technology.

Why study in Dubai?

Dubai is renowned all over the world for its attractive infrastructure, beautiful tourist locations and wonderful weather. It has a very strong economy and has a very reliable and top-class higher education system. Today, do universities in Dubai offer education comparable to US and UK universities. During the last few years, the government of the UAE has spent a good deal of money in the education sector. This is the reason that thousands of international students have shown their interest in Dubai universities.

Is Dubai a good place to study MBA?

Studying MBA in Dubai is a very beneficial decision. Dubai has plenty of globally recognized business universities that offer MBA degrees. Numerous specializations are available such as finance, supply chain management and consultancy. Students can work part-time on student work visas during their MBA. Moreover, they can search for their dream management and business jobs after completion of their studies. Mostly, MBA graduates are paid a handsome amount of salaries in the UAE.

Advantages of studying MBA in the UAE

The UAE is a perfect place to study MBA. All Business Schools offer top-class MBA degrees with multiple specialization choices. Management graduates from the UAE have practical knowledge and a good understanding of management and administration procedures. Following are some important reasons why Dubai and UAE are top choices of international students for studying MBA from across the globe:

  • UAE universities have affordable MBA program fees.
  • High quality of education and extraordinary ongoing research.
  • Multicultural environment in most of the Business Schools.
  • The facility of doing part-time student jobs along with education.
  • Thousands of job opportunities in Dubai for fresh MBA graduates.
  • An MBA from UAE means that you have earned an internationally recognized management degree.
  • AACSB international MBA degree recognition will surely open a lot of career opportunities.
  • It will teach you plenty of practical and theoretical management skills.
  • Management graduates from UAE have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • UAE MBA will help you to develop creativity and critical thinking abilities.
  • Dubai offers numerous internship opportunities to MBA students to earn hands-on industry experience.

Eligibility for International Students to study MBA in UAE

In order to qualify for studying MBA in the UAE, international students have the pass the general eligibility criteria for most business schools. First of all, foreign students have to provide documentary proof that they have studied all the prerequisite courses mandatory for MBA. Other important eligibility criteria are listed below:

  • Preferable to have a GMAT score. Some universities considered an entrance exam.
  • Either IELTS or TOEFL scores to prove English proficiency.
  • Management work experience (optional) but highly preferable.
  • Healthy bank statement to show your financial soundness.
  • May also ask for a Letter of Recommendations (LOR) and Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Mostly Dubai business universities don’t have an age limit for MBA.

How to select a University for MBA in UAE?

There are a number of factors that should be considered in order to select a college for MBA in UAE.

  • Location of the college and the facilities available.
  • Total degree duration and is the workload manageable?
  • Faculty Qualifications, expertise and rankings.
  • Check if the MBA program is accredited with AACSB.
  • Services for international students.
  • What are the majors and specialization streams offered?
  • Is there any option to have a double MBA degree?
  • What are the management certifications and advanced study options available?
  • Do this particular Business School has an international Exchange opportunity?
  • Are there only theoretical subjects or practical subjects are also available?

MBA in Dubai for working professionals

Few notable UAE business colleges accept students without work experience or very less what experience into their management and MBA programs. There are other colleges that offer two classes of the program; a non-executive MBA degree program for students without work experience and an Executive MBA for already working students.

Eaton Business School is one of the ideal choices for working professionals to do an executive MBA in UAE. This business school is recognized by the British Council of Accreditation (BAC) and is owned by the Westford group of Education. There are a variety of Executive MBA programs available at EBS and the degrees are offered in conjunction with Marconi Guglielmo University. Above all, this notable business school offers an exclusive part-time MBA program in Dubai.

Distance Learning MBA Programs in Dubai

Distance education MBA refers to receiving a management education degree through distance learning programs. The major difference between regular and distance MBA is the term “distance”. Therefore, in a distance education MBA program, one has the flexibility to learn the course contents without a physical presence in the classroom. In this technique of Education, the student can learn management techniques anytime from anywhere. The distance learning MBA program is particularly designed for working professionals who want to pursue an MBA degree along with work. Following are the popular distance learning MBA programs in Dubai:

1. Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University Dubai

EBS is a school of Business at heriot-watt University Dubai. The school offers various top-class and convenient postgraduate Master programs in business management. The school has produced thousands of top business professionals in the last 25 years. Edinburgh business school at heriot-watt University Dubai also offers online MBA and Ph.D. programs. Today, EBS has approximately 20000 graduates enrolled in online MBA programs. Online MBA program in Dubai has made life easy for business professionals, since, they can high class MBA degree along with their ongoing jobs. Professional British MBA degrees will help them to get promotions in their career, expect higher salaries or even start up their own new businesses.

This program is particularly useful for busy professionals in the business. The online MBA program gives them the option to choose the duration of the degree and study courses. To successfully qualify the online MBA program at Edinburgh business school heriot-watt university Dubai, one must have to pass 9 management courses in total. It also includes 2 elective subjects and 7 essential courses. The management courses offered at EBS heriot-watt University Dubai comprises of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, project management, strategy planning and business Behavior.

Cost of Online MBA at Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Online MBA is competitively cheaper than a full-time face-to-face MBA. Edinburg Business School at Heriot-Watt University costs you around a minimum of AED 45,521 in Dubai. On the other hand, a full-time MBA at heriot-watt university Dubai will cost you a minimum of AED 550,950.

2. University of Wolverhampton, Dubai – Distance MBA

The Wolverhampton University of Dubai is an Innovative, compelling university which is mainly concentrated on business studies. The main campus of the university is located in the center of England, it has more than 23000 students from more than a hundred countries. The overall University has more than 2500 foreign students enrolled. It is a global university with more than 19 worldwide locations, and 150 years of higher education experience. Wolverhampton University Dubai is a particular center of attention for the management studies offering almost 11 research areas in business management.

Why study MBA from Wolverhampton University Dubai?

Indeed Wolverhampton University Dubai is the top choice of business professionals who want to earn a world-class MBA degree. It gives you the opportunity to learn critical techniques and tools in product management and development. Nowadays, they are essential abilities acquired in any fresh business graduate. There are plenty of business management research areas available, you can choose one area of research and develop your expertise. MBA at Wolverhampton University Dubai will enable a deeper understanding of business terminologies and critical aspects of starting a new business setup. On the other hand, if you are a working business professional, Wolverhampton University MBA will develop significant business skills such as financial management, sales, customer service, project management, networking and problem-solving. Some key features of studying online MBA at Wolverhampton University in Dubai are listed below:

  • High-standard 1 year online MBA degree.
  • The modular delivery method of studies.
  • English as a primary teaching language.
  • 5 premium Wolverhampton campuses in the UAE.
  • World-class MBA degree easily manageable with your job or business.
  • Exposure to the culture of three countries during 1-year MBA studies.
  • Chance to attend plenty of global top-notch management seminars.
  • Numerous International management studies trips.
  • Critical thinking in management and business after solving diverse actual case studies.
  • Opportunity to attend Wolverhampton University Convocation in England.
  • Complete access to the online Library.

Online MBA Fee at Wolverhampton University Dubai

The online MBA at Wolverhampton University it’s pretty expensive compared to other online MBA options. On average per credit hour fee ranges from AED 4500-AED 5000. A student has to qualify 9 mandatory courses at Wolverhampton business school in order to successfully earn an online MBA degree. Therefore, the total cost of an online MBA goes to approximately AED 45000 to AED 50000.

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