Reel Cinema Dubai Mall – Your Ultimate Destination

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall

The Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is your ultimate destination for real-space movies and gaming. With its unique architecture and stylish seats, Reel Cinema has become one of the most popular movie theaters in Dubai. This theatre has more than 12,000 square feet of floor space, 26 large-sized screens, and offers THX-certified speakers, so it is a perfect place for the big fan of digital fashion and gaming. If you’re looking for a movie theater that feels like home, this is the place for you. This article will discuss the following things about the Reel Cinema Dubai Mall location, experiences, online booking, promotions, and more.

Why Reel Cinema Dubai Mall?

For a great entertainment experience, there are Reel Cinemas. Situated in the heart of Dubai, Reel Cinemas is an amazing theatre with the latest technology and facilities, ensuring you have the best movie-watching experience.

The cinema screens the latest movies from all around the world including Bollywood blockbuster movies, Hollywood blockbusters, and much more! You can also enjoy the kid’s section inside Reel Cinemas where kids can be entertained with movies and interactive activities throughout the day and where kids can also have a fun meal at the kid’s section.

So get your family ready for an amazing movie experience at Reel Cinemas, catch the latest movies in Dubai by booking your tickets online with Reel Cinemas!

Here are the few notable reasons why you should visit Reel Cinema Dubai:

  • Classic Cinema Experience.
  • Affordable Tickets.
  • Reel Cinemas Online Ticket booking facility.
  • Fun Activities for kids.
  • Kids meal at Kids section.
  • Best in class technology with 3D projection.
  • Multi Screening Theatres.
  • Dine-in and Drive-in facilities.
  • Best in class cinema facility.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Location

The Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is located at Level 2, The Dubai Mall, Downtown, Dubai. It is a very easy to access place and the easy way to get there is by using the Dubai Metro or a taxi. The metro stations that are nearest to the Reel Cinema Dubai Mall are Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta, Al Ghurair Centre, and Union Square.

For getting in a taxi or for any other means of transportation please follow the directions below:

  • Book your taxi from the taxi stand at The Dubai Mall and tell them to take you to the Reel Cinema Dubai Mall.
  • Reserve an Uber ride: Download the Uber app and book a ride to the Reel Cinema Dubai Mall.

If coming via Dubai Metro:

  • Take the Red Line of the Dubai Metro.
  • Stop at Union Square station.
  • Walk towards Exit F, which will lead you to the parking area of The Dubai Mall.
  • Wait for the Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall shuttle that takes visitors to Level 2 of The Dubai Mall.
  • Alternatively, a walk of approximately three minutes will take you there too.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Experiences

The Reel Cinema Dubai Mall offers the following type of cinema experiences to their valued customers:

  1. Private Cinema.
  2. Dolby Cinema.
  3. Reel Platinum Suites Cinema.
  4. Reel Dine-In Cinema.
  5. Reel Junior Cinema.
  6. ScreenX Cinema.
  7. Reel Premiere Cinema.
  8. MX4D Cinema.
  9. Reel Boutique Cinema.
  10. Standard Cinema.
  11. Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Drive-In.

For the first time in the Middle East, Reel Cinema has brought Drive-in to Dubai. So, forget about reaching the cinema on time and fighting for parking! Just pull up your car with speakers and enjoy your favorite movie.

It works in such a way that all the cars are parked in front of a very large screen and you hear the movie on your car radio through FM frequency. So, you enjoy the movie while sitting in your car and no need to rush to the cinema hall.

Isn’t it quite convenient? So what are you waiting for? Try this out and enjoy the fun of the drive-in cinema.

1. Reel Private Cinema

The private cinema at Reel Dubai Mall is a big hit with families and friends and it is an ideal way to spend quality time with family and friends. The Reel Private Cinema offers a specialized service where you will get to watch your favorite movie in a private cinema that can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Reel Private Cinema has comfortable seating arrangements, air conditioning, and state of a art projection system that offers crystal clear picture quality. The sound system is also exceptional and you will get to choose from the latest movies in the theatre. So, if you are looking for an amazing movie experience then book your tickets online at Reel Private Cinemas today!

The notable highlights of the Reel Private Cinema are as follows:

  • Privately specialized service.
  • Convenient Buying experience.
  • Preferred Amenities accessible seats.
  • Family and Friends & Clients Entertainment.
  • New Release Movies.
  • Best projection Quality.

2. Reel Dolby Cinema

Reel Dolby Cinema, spread across an area of over 600 square meters, is a fully air-conditioned cinema hall that allows you to enjoy a premium movie experience. With state-of-the-art Dolby Digital Surround Sound and 3D projection technology, you will get to experience the most immersive movie viewing experience ever!

The notable highlights of the Reel Dolby Cinema is as follows:

  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound with 3D projection.
  • Premium seating arrangement.
  • Perfect ambiance for watching movies.
  • Live theater-like environment.
  • Make your experience more memorable with Reel Dolby.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the action with the ultimate sound effects? Reel Dolby Cinema has Dolby Digital Surround Sound with 3D projection technology, which will take you to the next level of the movie-watching experience. So visit Reel Dolby Cinema at the Fun Republic, and enjoy the ultimate movie experience!

3. Reel Platinum Suites Cinema

The Platinum suites at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall have split into 324 luxury, oversized Platinum, Deluxe, VIP, and Super VIP seats. The experience includes black leather seats with seatback pockets for more comfortable seating. There are also the cushioned deluxe chairs in Reel Cafe and Reel Sweets, making these seats extremely comfortable. Take your pick from the selection of tea and coffee served to you, on-demand at your seat every 3 minutes while you relax or snack on some fresh popcorn!

The platinum suites at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall give the following experience to you:

  • Beautiful ambiance in each section specially designed to give optimum movie experience.
  • Good Food.
  • Comfort-based chair with armrest.
  • Extra spacious leg space than other theaters in the Same Complex like VOX Cinemas and Cine royal − Gold Class (Dubai Mall) while providing standards of U.S.A and European Cinemas.

Poised behind the hospitality desk at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall’s Platinum may be chosen by any customer aged 14 years and older provided the host goes to the cinema manager and makes it known that they do not require their Platinum Status card to shop in stores or avail any other privileges afforded Platinum Cardholders, including VOX VIP services.

  • 3D Theatres: 4
  • Fully Air Conditioned.
  • Theatre Capacity: 374 including 28 Platinum Locker theatre seats.
  • Total Screens – 3
  • Standard Size Screens.
  • Small Screen – Cinema Theatre 1 (146 seats).
  • Big Screen – Cinemas 2&3 (120 seats each(total 240 seats).
  • The huge corner led to Coca-Cola sign@6m x4m one of the largest in the cinema industry.

The highlights of Platinum suites at Reel Cinemas includes:

  • Sit Back With Reclining Leather Seats
  • Five-Star Menu (As Gourmet As Movie Snacks Get)
  • Snuggle-In (Pillows & Blankets)

The details of these offers include:

Sit Back With Reclining Leather Seats

The Platinum suites in Reel Cinemas offer the best cinema seating in the region. For customers with an additional AED250 spend or more while they enjoy their movie, they also get 2 complimentary large & Assorted Popcorn to share.

Four choices for Soft Beverages: Coke soft drink, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero, and Sprite.

Reel Cinema Five-Star Menu

Five Star Menu options for Platinum guests include:

  • Sloth Sandwich.
  • Artisan Sandwiches – Chicken & Avocado, Ham & Egg Mayo on Ciabatta served with coleslaw, Crispy Chicken & Bacon Club Sandwich on Ciabatta served with coleslaw.
  • Delicatessen choice – Select of 4 Dishes: Pesto Chicken Pasta Strip, Bubble & Squeak with Beef Strips and Pine Nut, Mexican Nachos on Corn Chips with Sour Cream and Pulled Chicken in BBQ Sauce.
  • Traditional Savory – Select of 6 stuffed pita Bread: Cheese or Meat Quesadilla, Pepperoni Pizza Pocket, Triple Decker Vegetarian Stuffed Pita (BBQ Broccoli and Cauliflower), Doner (Gyro) Wrap and Jerk Chicken Wrap. Choice of Regular Garden salad or Fattoush Salad on a bed of romaine.
  • Fresh Fruit Salad.
  • Dessert – Ice cream scoop with warm cake.
  • Hot Chocolate Biscuits served with marshmallows and Gold chocolate coins.
  • BBQ Chicken Slider served with Ketchup and BBQ Sauce. 3.5oz
  • Vegetarian Pasta Strip served with Tomato & Pesto flavoring on a bed of pasta on a bed of lettuce. 6oz
  • Momos – Choice of 2 Veg options: Carrot & Coriander Veg Puri, Naked Veg Momo”

Snuggle-In (Pillows & Blankets)

  • Snuggle-In activity: Hula Hoop, Dots Coloring, Envelope Games as well as step-by-step instructions to making Rainbow stained glass art.
  • Stand & Deliver: Painting your own t-shirt (bring a plain white tee) and craft sensory bottles with water & various liquids.
  • CBE lessons where heart-healthy food is discussed by our health visitors during the courses.
  • Omega meal choices are; Grilled Halloumi and avocado wrap or a Falafel sandwich with Zucchini Slaw & Mint Yoghurt.
  • DNA activity where your child will discover how to make a DNA helix using bin bags, pipe cleaners, and plastic bottles. We demonstrate to each child how to make it and then they can take it home in a baggie as they learn about their own unique mix of heritage.

4. Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Dine-in

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is one of the first cinemas in the UAE to have a Dine-in facility. They offer a restaurant and a cinema experience under one roof. Their dine-in area includes a family kitchen, where customers can interact with chefs and all other staff in the restaurant, as well as a dining area and a “Company” area, which is suitable for events or private gatherings.

Therefore, no need to go to the standard cinemas with boring snacks. Just visit the state-of-the-art Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall and enjoy your favorite family-made cuisines while watching the latest blockbuster movies on cinema screens.

Restaurants Near the Reel Cinema Dubai Mall

There are few popular restaurants within the vicinity of Reel Cinema Dubai Mall. The restaurants are located at The Dubai Mall and at Armani Hotel.

The cafes and restaurants are:

  • Armani Cafe (within walking distance)
  • Bora Bora (Burj Khalifa, Level 2)
  • Burger King (Burj Khalifa, Level 2)
  • Cinestar 11 (one level above Reel Cinema Dubai Mall)
  • Nandos (one level above Reel Cinema Dubai Mall)
  • Reel Cinema Food Court (within walking distance)
  • O’Sulloc Tea Museum (within walking distance)
  • Starbucks (Burj Khalifa, Level 2)

Dine-in cinemas are not a very common phenomenon in the UAE. The concept has been patented by a family-owned cinema chain named Reel Cinemas, which is making its presence felt in the busy metropolis of Dubai. The eateries within the vicinity of Reel Cinema offer a wide range of cuisines, including Italian, Indian, and Thai.

These hotels offer the following cuisines:

Armani Cafe offers a wide range of coffee, pastries, and snacks.

Bora Bora offers a variety of seafood preparations, including curries and prawns.

Burger King is one of the most iconic burger chains in the world.

Starbucks within reach for Burj Khalifa visitors and shops (on Level 2) offer coffee, cakes & light snacks like paninis, sandwiches & pastries.

Cinestar 11 is a premium movie theatre chain in the UAE. It was founded in 1996 with one theatre in the Me’aisemba area of Abu Dhabi City. Today it has not only got hold over its home city but also expanded its operations to Dubai with three cinemas showing the latest movies on flat screens and around 100 seats each.

Nandos is one of the most popular brands in the world of hot wings and grilled chicken. The outlets are popular for their casual ambiance and menu serving chicken & other soul-satisfying dishes.

O’Sulloc Tea Museum is a considerable attraction for tourists visiting UAE. The museum is known for showcasing hundreds of differently sourced tea from around the world and also holds regular tasting sessions.

5. Reel Junior Cinema Dubai Mall

With a colorful aesthetic to stimulate the imagination and entertainment suited to basic needs -Reel Kids Cinema is probably one of the best happy hang-out places for kids in Dubai-Dubai Mall. Also, Reel Cinemas has tons of fun games designed especially for them to play in the cinema.

Designed particularly for your kid, the Reel Junior Cinema Dubai Mall offers a magical screening experience with the kid’s section equipped with a fun Area that is rightfully stated as a fun land.

Accessible through turnstiles, there is no need to show any ticket. However, children are still advised to bring ID proof to verify their age and avoid inconvenience.

For special needs children, the viewing room has seating set aside for them. Wheelchair and special needs access are available via buses from the mall road directly to the viewing room for their convenience. Their staff at Reel Junior Cinema will guide your child throughout their movie experience.

Therefore, visit your nearest Reel Cinemas near you and enjoy Hollywood Movies with Fun Restaurants, Play areas for Kids, and Advanced technology facilities behind by always best customer services.

6. Reel ScreenX Cinema

Reel Cinemas is introducing its new concept of entertainment with the introduction of the first ScreenX theatre in the Middle East. Located at Dubai Mall, Reel Cinemas will continue to offer its customers a unique viewing experience by bringing them into the movie with ScreenX.

ScreenX is state-of-the-art immersive cinema technology that allows you to be fully immersed in an up to 270 degrees panoramic screen size and 11,000 watts of Dolby Atmos sound. With 15 speakers surrounding every seat as well as overhead speakers, it offers audiences a truly cinematic experience. The immersive nature of ScreenX also means that you can be up to three times closer to the on-screen action compared to conventional cinema screens.

Reel Cinemas offers a variety of dining options for customers to enjoy before or after their movie. Some of the restaurants in Reel Cinemas are Fun Restaurants, and Kid’s Play Area. Moreover, Reel ScreenX provides more than just food and drinks. It also offers a wide range of entertainment services, such as Laser tag, Bowling, and VR Park.

Therefore, the following are the highlights of the Reel ScreenX Cinema:

  • Unique ScreenX technology.
  • Facilities like laser tag, bowling, and VR Park.
  • Dine with a variety of restaurants and cafes.
  • Dolby Atmos sound system with 15 speakers.
  • The screens are bigger than the conventional cinema screens.
  • It offers more than just food and drinks.

7. Reel Premiere Cinema

The ultimate in luxury, Reel Premier offers the most spacious and comfortable seats in the house. Each seat is equipped with a footrest and is wider than a standard cinema seat. It also features a table-top armrest control panel for easy access to volume control, surrounds sound features, and more.

Premier Cinema also features recliner seats with extra legroom that can be adjusted to your preferred position. It can be converted into a bed for those who want to catch some sleep during the movie!

Event Cinema at Reel Cinemas is for those who love to be entertained and want an exciting experience. It offers movie premieres, concerts, live stage shows, sports events, and more! Moreover, Reel Cinemas also offers a variety of food and beverage options at the cinema.

The following are the highlights of the Reel Premier Cinema:

  • Dolby Atmos sound system with 15 speakers.
  • The screen size is bigger than the conventional cinema screen.
  • Seating is wider, more comfortable, and has footrests.
  • Also features recliner seats with extra legroom.
  • Can be converted into a bed for those who want to catch some sleep during the movie!

8. Reel MX4D Cinema

The Reel MX4D is a new cinema concept that immerses the audience in the movie experience with 4D effects like motion, touch, wind, and water. This cinema is more than a cinema, it is an entertainment arena that redefines the way you experience movies. It has gained popularity in the UAE and looks to be a new trend for the future.

The MX4D Motion EFX Theatre has a different seating arrangement from the others. Instead of having a large cinema screen, it has smaller screens on the walls and ceiling. So, you get to see the movie from different angles.

The MX4D Motion EFX Theatre is equipped with a “4DX” system that includes motion, wind, water, and other special effects. It is all controlled by a computer that synchronizes the effects with the movie.

The D-Box seats are designed to move in tandem with the on-screen action, creating a more immersive experience for moviegoers. The MX4D Motion EFX Theatre also features special effects such as water spray, wind blast, motion, and vibration.

The following are the highlights of the Reel MX4D Cinema:

  • Motion seats that move in sync with the movie.
  • Motion seats have a vibration effect.
  • Wind, water, and fog effects fully immerse the audience into an exciting movie experience.
  • The theatre has a screen size of 4K with Dolby Atmos sound system.
  • D-Box seats that move in sync with the movie.

9. Reel Boutique Cinema

The Reel Boutique Cinema Dubai offers a unique experience with laid-back seating on a sofa-style seat with upgraded facilities like cold beverage service and premium concessions, including popped corn, gourmet sandwiches, and more.

Also, all seats are equipped with a Dolby surround, 3D, and comfortable recliner seating. The theatre has a screen size of 4K with Premium concessions and integrated sound.

Moreover, Reel Cinemas has its own warehouse and will pick up empty film clips for recycling in an eco-friendly manner. Hence most of their materials are eco-friendly.

Therefore, Reel Boutique Cinema has the following highlights:

  • 2D & 3D movies.
  • Movies are offered in various following languages: English, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, and more!
  • The tickets are completely affordable for middle-class families.
  • Tickets and tickets can be purchased online.
  • Eateries are available near Reel Cinemas.
  • The half-price day is always on the fourth Thursday of every month.

10. Standard Reel Cinema

The standard reels cinema has reasonable prices as compared to upscale and luxury cinemas, as stated by a broadsheet news source. However, to keep up with the luxuries of neighbor cinema and compete effectively is not an easy job. So they decide to offer almost the same facilities as Reel Boutique Cinema to be at par with the competition, at the same time saving an extra cost.

Also, they claim to have good food options and give priority to recycling the old materials including cardboard boxes due to more concern of environmental pollution than their budgetary constraints. By offering more concessions like cold beverages on the go even one can afford movie tickets for two people; who does not like such a deal?

The following are the key features of the standard reel cinema:

  • Big screen with a size of 11.9m x 6.8m.
  • It has 2810 seats in total.
  • Equipped with Dolby surround.
  • 3-D screening available.
  • Items available include cold drinks, snacks, drinks, food, and sweets as well.
  • Make your efforts count to earn discounts and win exciting prizes at scheduled quiz games.
  • Prayers were also said in front of the screen for every movie screened on Friday.
  • Sing along to the song featured during the movie screening as well.

To sum up, what makes reels cinema (and its boutique counterpart) more attractive is not just the comparatively low cost and flexible ticket purchase, but also the comfortable seating, sound system, and refreshments.

11. Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Drive-In

For the first time in the Middle East, Reel Cinema has brought Drive-in to Dubai. So, forget about reaching the cinema on time and fighting for parking! Just pull up your car with speakers and enjoy your favorite movie.

It works in such a way that all the cars are parked in front of a very large screen and you hear the movie on your car radio through FM frequency. So, you enjoy the movie while sitting in your car and no need to rush to the cinema hall.

Isn’t it quite convenient? So what are you waiting for? Try this out and enjoy the fun of the drive-in cinema.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Offers

The reel cinema Dubai mall offers the following two offers:

  • Banking offers
  • Other offers

Bank Offers

Reel Cinema partnered with various local UAE Banks like First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Kuwait Finance House classes, and others so all the Reel Cinema Dubai customers can enjoy the different online banking offers, some of the rebate amounts can be used to book future tickets.

The following banks are specified in providing the great rates:

  • RAK Bank
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Emirates NBD
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank
  • HSBC
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Standard Chartered
  • NBF

RAK Bank is offering a Reel Cinema ticket with the highest discount online at 10% and it can be easily purchased using their e-credit cards.

Emirates Islamic Bank is also offering one of the highest discounts with 8% for each ticket, it can be easily purchased using their e-credit cards.

AETOS (Exclusive to Citi Pass and Visa Cardholders)

Commercial Bank of Dubai is offering 7% off on each ticket to all their credit and debit cardholders this is another great partner of Reel Cinema, the tickets are available online while booking the tickets.

Reel Cinema has also launched their new partnership with Emirates NBD bank and visa credit cards holders can book e-tickets more easily they get to enjoy a 5% discount and free popcorn.

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is offering a “limited” offer of 7% off each ticket to all Visa Credit and Debit Cardholders they can book tickets easily using the promo code, “limited places available, so hurry”.

HSBC is offering 6% off to every Visa credit and debit cardholder there are 15 authorized locations to complete the process. promotion/home.

The cost of one highest price ticket priced AED50 and it includes free popcorn using Mashreq Bank loyalty cards, but whole services will be on a trial basis and available at selected cinemas in UAE.

Similarly, Standard Chartered Bank is also offering a 6% discount on e-tickets to all Visa credit and debit cardholders, the tickets will be easily booked using the promo code. Also, NBF customers will receive a 7% discount using the promo code.

Other offers at Reel Cinema

Besides specialized banking offers, the Reel Cinema also offers the following very exciting offers to its customers:

  • Ultimate Birthday Packages!
  • Win a Hotel Stay with Reel Cinemas
  • YOUR INVITATION TO EXPO 2020 دعوتك إلى إكسبو 2020

Ultimate Birthday Packages

The birthday packages at reel cinema are exciting, so with your special offer being presented by Reel Cinemas, you will be saving money on your birthday.

The latest update from reel cinemas is that those who are celebrating their birthdays more than 50 times should enroll for this opportunity, the subscription for the birthday offers will be starting from this year, in case you don’t have any updates you always can check with reel cinemas.

The following are their popular packages:

1.5 hours movie session + 30 minutes party + dining

  • AED 145 per person on weekends.
  • AED 135 per person on weekdays.

3 hours movie session + dining

  • AED 245 per person on weekends.
  • AED 215 per person on weekdays.

Birthday family outing

  • AED 60.70 on weekends and AED 54.20 on weekdays per person (up to 10 people).

Movie + Play session in Dig-it

  • AED 116 on weekends, AED 104 on weekdays per person. (Maximum 8 paying participants)

Movie + Play session in The Heights

  • AED 72 on weekends, AED 62 on weekdays per participant. (maximum 5 paying participants)

Win a hotel stay with Reel Cinemas

Reel Cinemas announced the next case competition: if you want to win an overnight stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi, you need to purchase movie tickets at Reel Cinemas during the campaign period. Each ticket will be considered a single entry into the grand draw taking place at the end of the campaign period. The winners will be decided through a lucky draw and be announced afterward.

The following terms and conditions also apply:

  • Open to residents of UAE, Qatar & Oman only.
  • Each campaign entry is valued at one (1) ticket and consists of only one printed transaction receipt. The participant must retain the transaction receipt as the Entry Receipt is indicative that the individual meets all the entry requirements.
  • A total of four (4) prizes will be awarded for the duration of the draw, two (2) prizes per cinema location.
  • The draw will be administered by the Event of Ara Balakosian Wintzer Interior Design (U.A.E.).

The prizes are as follows:

  • 1st prize: Overnight stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • 2nd prize: AED 3,000/- four (4) pair Dinner Voucher by @oxygenbeyonce / @salernosalerno*

The entries will be judged in the following categories:

  • Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence shall be entertained.
  • The prize winners are solely responsible for paying any duties and/or taxes if applicable. The prizes are non-exchangeable, not transferable or convertible to cash or any other prizes.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Facebook.


Expo 2020 is a big event going on in Dubai this year and its duration is from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. This event is hosting many public and business events as well as many attractions and tours.

Public events include first-ever, the ever-lasting races of Camel Marathon, Desert Safari, Fireworks shows and Night Lights, many kind exhibits, and all kinds of sports activities.

What’s more it is gonna host many business events among them the 3rd edition of the Dubai Salon International de la Gastronomie and the 4th edition of Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre Expo 2020 (RTA booth).

It will also host small industry exhibitions and a large business background occasion either it includes International Technology Showcase, which is aiming to display UAE’s Made in technology in vehicles or aircraft as an example; Energy Summit Hosted by The World Energy Council in collaboration with the Emirates Natural Resources Group featuring experts from around the world discussing the new scenarios for global oil economy and more.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall gives you the opportunity to be a part of this amazing Dubai Expo 2020 event. You just need to purchase reel cinema tickets to be a part of this classic campaign. Each ticket is considered a single entry for the lucky draw so the more the tickets have purchased the chances of winning tickets to Dubai Expo 2020 Special screenings at the cinema.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Film Times and Show List

If you are planning to visit Reel Cinema Dubai Mall, then you need to know about the timings for each film. This way you can plan your visit accordingly and make the most out of your visit. Reel Cinema Dubai Mall has a range of movies and shows that are suitable for different times on different days. The following are some of the timings by which you can enjoy the different films and shows at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall:

Morning Shows

There are morning shows which are suitable for those who just can’t decide how to spend their day. You can choose to watch “The Lion King”, “Assassin Creed”, or “Alladin” and enjoy your Sunday morning with your family and friends. There is also another show that you can watch at 9.15 AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a nominal fee of 30 AED.

Getting tickets for an early show is a great way to catch a movie without the huge crowds (especially if there is no school or work). So don’t wait and get your tickets now!

Daytime Shows

If you want to spend your day watching some thrilling movies, then you should visit Reel Cinema in the daytime. There are a number of movies that you can watch at Reel Cinema during the day, including “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “The Hateful Eight”, and “The Revenant”.

Evening Shows

If you want to enjoy a movie with your family or friends on a weekend, then it is better to visit Reel Cinema in the evening. There are plenty of shows that you can watch at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall, including “Sisters”, “Kung Fu Panda 3”, and “The Secret Life of Pets”.

Night Shows

The night shows are a particularly fun part of Reel Cinema Dubai Mall. If you are looking for an amazing movie theatre experience, then you should visit Reel Cinema at night. There are a number of movies that you can watch at Reel Cinema during the night, including “The Hateful Eight”, “The Martian”, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

IMAX Films

Reel Cinema also has a number of IMAX films, which include “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “San Andreas”, and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Hindi Movies In Reel Cinema Dubai Mall

Most commonly Hindi movies release in India on Fridays, the same way Reel Cinema also shows Hindi movies in Reel Cinemas. Hindi movies are the most popular movies in Reel Cinemas because of their good stories, songs, and bold performance. In recent times, there are multiple releases of Hindi movies like (Filmy Mela), Khole Khol Ke Bolo Goriya Ja Na Karo (DUBIOUS), Ghayal Once Again (MAZE GFS UAE), MOM Bollywood Dubbed Movie (DUBIOUS) at DUBAI theatres.

The Hindi movies that are screened in Reel Cinema Dubai are from all the leading film industries of India, such as Bollywood, Tollywood, and much more. You can catch the latest Hindi movies on Reel Cinemas in Dubai by booking your tickets online.

There is a big Indian population in the UAE and hence, with numerous multiplexes having a penchant for showing non-Indian movies in their cinemas, there is no denying the fact that Hindi movies are being screened more frequently. Since the majority of the movies released in Dubai are in the Hindi language, many Indians visit these theatres to catch the latest releases of Bollywood.

People love these cinema halls because they are air-conditioned and seats are laid out neatly while they offer luxurious treatment. Moreover, they have remained among the top 3 competing multiplex cinema chains as people from various regions have different preferences towards getting entertained through Hindi/ local language films.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Discounts

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall offers a number of discounts for its regular customers. So, for example, if you are a regular customer then you can get an annual membership. This can be used by the member and the family members up to 4 times a month. So with the membership, you get a 30% discount on all tickets and other facilities as well. With this membership, you will also receive a number of other exciting offers like birthday surprises, anniversary gifts, and more.

Moreover, there are other special discounts available for students and kids under 12 years old. With these discounts, these sections of the population also get to enjoy all kinds of movies at very low costs making the cinema experience more enjoyable and affordable. The best part of Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is that it has a special day called family day where on that particular day the ticket prices are slashed by more than 60% from normal rates.

You can enjoy the following discounts at Reel Cinema Dubai:

  • Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Annual Membership.
  • Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Discounts for Kids.
  • Discounts for Students.
  • Discounts for Groups.
  • Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Family Day.
  • Offers for Seniors.
  • Monthly Offers at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Food

The food at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is delicious and mouthwatering. You can enjoy a wide variety of fast food, burgers and Italian as well. This is the reason that the food court inside Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is very famous among the people of Dubai and even people who never visited the place come just to enjoy the fabulous food.

The most amazing thing about Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is that it has an amazing kids’ play area where kids are allowed to sit, play and enjoy a wide variety of games while their parents can watch a movie comfortably. The kids get entertained while parents can enjoy two in one deal.

Moreover, the kid’s foods are also available inside Reel Cinema Dubai Mall. So you can enjoy your lunch or dinner while watching a movie.

WOW Moments at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall focuses on moments of happiness and amazement. This is the reason that most of the time Reel Cinema Dubai comes up with some amazing deals and discounts for its customers. The following are some of the wow moments that you can enjoy when you visit Reel Cinema Dubai Mall:

  • You can buy one movie ticket, get one free every Wednesday.
  • Get 2D tickets for 50% off every Tuesday (Offer is applicable for both Platinum and Gold Members).
  • Get 2D tickets for 75% off every Thursday.
  • Enjoy 3D movies for just AED 29 every Friday.

Your visit to Reel Cinema Dubai Mall will surely be more than just watching a movie. You will experience and enjoy the whole moment with your family and friends. So make sure that you stay updated with Reel Cinema deals, offers, and discounts to get more out of your visit at Reel Cinema Dubai Mall.

Reel Cinema Dubai Mall Menu

Your appetite is in for a treat, with anything from classic cinema snacks to 5-star gourmet cuisine available, even while you’re watching the movie. The reel has got great value combo deals, and special kids’ snacks too. There’s something for everyone.

The detailed menu of Reel Cinema Dubai Mall is as under:

  • Pepsi & Chili Nachos – AED 55
  • Pepsi & Hotdog – AED 39
  • Strawberry slush – AED 25
  • Nacho in a Roll (Plain Paratha, sweet chili nacho chips, salsa, cheese & jalapenos) – AED 13
  • Falafel Served with Tahini Sauce – AED 10
  • Jalapeno Poppers – AED 25
  • Kibbeh Served with Tahini Sauce – AED 10
  • Cheese Spring Rolls Served with Ketchup – AED 10
  • Menu Vada Served with Mint Chutney – AED 10
  • Onion Baji Served with Mint Chutney – AED 10
  • Falafel Sandwich (Plain Paratha, 3 pcs falafel sour cream, tahini sauce & jalapeno) – AED 13
  • Paneer Pizza (Plain Paratha, cheese, Paneer, onions & chili) – AED 13
  • Cubana Sandwich (Plain Paratha, Chivda Mix, 3 pcs Tomato Kebab & Cheese) – AED 13
  • Burrito (Plain Paratha, 2 pcs Grilled Chicken with Mexican Sauce) – AED 18
  • Nutella Stuffed Pancake Served with Strawberries and Chocolate Syrup – AED 20

The drinks include Pepsi, Mirinda Orange Soda or Strawberry Slush or Strawberry Ice Tea or Hot Coffee for a single show; BOTTLE OF MINAL KHANTA OR PRIVATE DINNER LIBATION.

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