International Student Jobs In Dubai – How to earn while studying in UAE

Today in UAE is one of the most advanced Middle East countries. Undoubtedly, the education sector in the UAE has developed a lot in the last few decades. As a result, the UAE has become the center of quality higher education. It has become the dream study destination for students from several nations. This is because the government has spent large Investments in the field of Education.

The recent progress in UAE has opened doors not only for heaps of international students but it has also attracted loads of businessmen from around the world. International students also consider the important factor of after- graduation and job opportunities. And surely you have a lot of job opportunities for talented people. Therefore, the interest of international students in UAE universities has increased significantly over the years. Each year, top-class UAE universities receive thousands of applications from students around the world.

Outstanding Global Universities in Dubai

Today, UAE has a significant number of preeminent global university campuses. These foreign universities scrutinize the admission applications on similar standards to their native country’s main campuses. For this reason, UAE universities have a considerable number of brilliant students from everywhere. These distinguished students are performing extraordinary research, taking UAE higher education to the new horizons. Recently, a few universities and colleges in Dubai have beaten top-class universities in Canada and the USA. Therefore, one can go to UAE and have superior education from top-ranking universities in considerably low cost rather than going to expensive countries.

The government of the UAE has made the life of international students easier by allowing them to work with their studies. There are various development sectors in Dubai that can offer a part-time job to students. They include real estate, science and Technology, IT and media. If a student has spent a good amount of time in a company as an intern or part-time job then there is a good chance that the firm will consider him for a permanent job after his graduation. This means that your experience, even if it’s part-time, will always help me to have your dream job.

UAE Student Work Permit

It is the topmost desire of every student to work while studying in Dubai. Earlier, students were not allowed to work while studying in the UAE. it was banned for students to work either as a part-time or full-time along with their studies. They were only allowed to do certified summer internship programs after taking proper permission from their University.

Fortunately, the government of the UAE has now relaxed the rules for the students to work with their studies in Dubai. According to a recent press release from the ministry of Human Resources UAE, both local and international students can do part-time jobs along with their studies. These new orders have facilitated the students to fulfill their educational and living expenses in Dubai. It has also helped them to get practical industrial experience are polish their technical skills. It has also open new doors for the local Dubai industry to hire talented and experienced candidates for their businesses.

Qualification criteria for a student visa in Dubai

According to the law of UAE, all the expatriates who are residents of the UAE can sponsor their unmarried children who are less than 18 years of age. On the other hand, if a student does not have blood relations who are residents of UAE, he has to apply for a foreign student visa through his desired program University. He has to follow a proper Channel and request the University to take up his sponsorship responsibility as a student in UAE.

If admitted to the program, the student has to renew his student visa each year. Moreover, the student visa will expire if an applicant leaves the UAE for more than 6 months without any reason. In this case, a student will have to prove his case through valid reasons and certified documents to get back his student visa.

Conditions for the UAE student work permit

According to this new ruling from the ministry of Human Resources UAE, the student will have to follow the following conditions to work in Dubai along with their studies:

  • Only those students who are more than 18 years of age can apply for a UAE student work permit.
  • Residential permit in UAE is AED 2500.
  • The fee for a student work permit is AED 500.
  • The student work permit will be eligible for one-year.
  • The residential work permit has to be renewed each year.
  • A student visa is given for a maximum time of 5-years.
  • Allowable work hour is 15-hours a week & 60-hours a month during the semester.
  • During summer breaks, students can work up to 40 hours per week, & 160 hours per month.
  • The students cannot work for longer than four consecutive hours.
  • The total allowed work-time allowed in a day is 6 hours
  • 1 hour is dedicated to rest, eat and pray daily.

Student Jobs in Dubai

When you will start searching for a suitable job in Dubai, you should keep in mind the student work permit laws of UAE. You must consider the working hours allowed and should follow them strictly. If any student disobeys student work permit laws, such as working more than the allowable working hours, he may have to face a lot of serious circumstances. They can include but not limited to cancellation of student work visas, punishment to deport the student for a certain time or even permanent disqualification from respective UAE universities. Students should also consider their lifestyle in Dubai, and should opt for only those jobs which do not disturb their study-work balance. In short, the job should have the most insignificant impact on your studies.

Secondly, it is very important for international students to have a strong grip on the Arabic language to improve their employment chances in Dubai. It is a fact that most of the Employers in Dubai are native Arabic speakers. So, they obviously will prefer those candidates who have strong Arabic language skills. It is a good idea to make new local friends who are native Arabic speakers. This can help you significantly to develop Arabic language abilities.

An ideal job in Dubai should:
  • Match the lifestyle of a student, giving enough time to the student to study and complete his educational responsibilities.
  • Facilitate the student to acquire effective Arabic language skills.
  • Allow this student to mix into the local Dubai culture very soon.
  • Help him to make new local friends and increase his Social Circle.
  • Contribute significantly to developing technical skills to develop future job opportunities.

International students can find a variety of productive part-time employment opportunities in Dubai during their studies. If you are an international student in Dubai, you may find very good work possibilities in one of the following ways:

  • On-campus job opportunities
  • Off-campus employment possibilities.

On-campus work

Working from the University is one of the very common choices for international students. in UAE, most of the universities do not allow first-year students to work off-campus. Hence, the only choice available to them is to work within the University. But after the completion of the first year of studies in UAE, the students can opt for part-time jobs anywhere within Dubai. Some most popular on-campus jobs for students include:

  • To work as a teaching assistant to your professor.
  • Writing Center jobs.
  • Jobs in the University cafeteria.
  • University computer center jobs.
  • To work for student welfare under students union
  • Student counselling jobs.
  • Campus bookstore jobs
  • Student job at Campus Library
  • A part-time job at any other location within the campus.

On-campus part-time student jobs are ideal toys for first-year University students. Because they have the restriction of lesser allowable working hours. However, students can work as many hours as they like during summer vacations or university holidays. Usually, there is a big competition for on-campus jobs. The reason for this high competition is that a large number of students want to Avail the on-campus jobs along with their studies.

Off-campus student jobs

The legislation for off-campus student jobs is very strict in the UAE. In order to qualify for off-campus jobs, an international student has to finish one complete educational year. If you have qualified for the off-campus work, you should ask your University Administration Office to help you get some part-time student jobs. Most of the time, do University admin office has a significant amount of part-time student jobs available. Hence, they can help you to get a handsome part-time job.

Dubai is the city of opportunities. One can expect to find plenty of good part-time employment possibilities. Although it depends on a large number of factors which may include your Arabic language proficiency, knowledge about Dubai culture and your social skills. Nowadays, students prefer to have online home-based jobs such as freelance works. One can earn a handsome amount of money from online freelance jobs from their home. They may include but are not limited to SEO based content writing jobs, online tutoring jobs, graphic designing jobs, video editing jobs etc.

Restaurant and cafeteria jobs

Indeed, Dubai is the city of light. It is the focus of attraction for tourists around the world. Hotel and restaurants are a key part of Dubai culture. Local and foreign students in Dubai usually get restaurant jobs very easily. Normally, the restaurants are located within the premises of the University. Therefore, it can save a huge amount of travelling time for the students. There can be various jobs at restaurants depending on expertise and skills. Popular restaurant jobs are; cashier, waiter, cook, kitchen staff and receptionist. They may also include handy jobs such as delivery boy, dishwasher, kitchen manager, maintenance staff or restaurant marketing person.

Part-time cafeteria jobs for students demand good communication skills. But restaurant jobs can be very convenient for international students. This is because such jobs can help them to develop their interpersonal skills, improve their Arabic language and increase their Social Circle by making new friends.

Call center jobs

Many international students in Dubai prefers to work at call centers. It is a good choice for those students who have good in the English language, are bold and friendly and have good computer skills. Above all, call centers jobs are usually not very rigorous and do not demand physical exertion. Mostly they give a nice office feeling. One big downfall of working at the call center is the night-shifts.

Most of the call centers work for the USA or Canada and there is a time difference of almost 12 hours between the USA and Dubai. As a result, call centers operate when there is a night in Dubai. They pay their employees a good salary because of the tiring job nature. There is an incentive commission on each sale along with their salary. But, sometimes it becomes difficult for the students to manage call center jobs and university studies simultaneously. Obviously, a person cannot perform well in the day if he has not slept fine at night.

Customer service center jobs

Normally, it is a very good idea for the students to get customer service center jobs at the very initials stages of their career. This is because the customer service Center will train its employees and will have flexible working hours. Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the whole Arab world and is the center of several multinational companies. These companies have customer service centers to provide after-sale services to their customers.

Therefore, it can be a great opportunity for international students to enter in these big multinational companies somehow. Depending upon their performance, they can mark themselves as an ideal candidate for permanent employment in the organization. Moreover, students can manage their studies and work really well by working part-time at various customer service centers. Such jobs not only improve the communication skills of the students but also introduce vital sales and marketing skills to them.

Uber/Careem Driving Jobs

As an international student in Dubai, you can really make your life easy by opting for a simple driver job. However, this can only be done if you have a valid and up-to-date Emirates driving licence. If you can afford it, you can purchase your own vehicle and register it on Careem and Uber. Luckily, vehicles in Dubai are really cheap and the prices of fuel are very affordable. So, it is a great idea to drive on Careem and earn considerable earnings.

There is also an option to drive a motorbike on Uber. So you can work on your self-defined working hard and earn a good amount of money to meet your study expenses in Dubai. Still, if you cannot afford to purchase your own vehicle, you can just look for a driver job in Careem and Uber. Dubai is a big city. If you cannot find a job in the center of the city, you going to look for part-time jobs in the surroundings such as Abu Dhabi, bur Dubai and Al-Ain. You will not only get to know new people, make new friends but you will also get to know many new areas and will witness many new local Arabic cultures.

Student internships in Dubai

As explained above, Dubai is the spotlight for many industrialists. You can find thousands of multinational companies in this metropolitan City. These businesses keep on looking for new and fresh talent for their companies. Usually, multinational companies contact the job placement office of top-class Dubai universities and ask for brilliant students. Therefore, if you have a good academic record and have good technical as well as communication skills, you should contact your University student office and ask them to find an internship for you.

The University Administration Office will appoint you as an intern in some preeminent organization. It should be kept in mind that most of the student summer internships in Dubai are unpaid. But they can be very helpful in polishing your technical and interpersonal skills which in turn can open a lot of employment opportunities for you in the coming years. There can also be a possibility that the company offers you a contract based or even permanent job depending upon your performance in the summer internship.

Part-Time Freelance Jobs in Dubai

University students in Dubai can opt for online freelancing jobs in Dubai. In order to get freelancing work, all you need is an active internet connection and a reasonable laptop. Today, it is almost impossible that any student can work without having a laptop or an effective internet attachment. Therefore, the world is open to you. You can find your clients from across the world and can work from your home at the working hours of your choice and earn as much as you want.

There are plenty of websites and platforms available where you can find freelance works. Some notable freelance sites include Upwork and fiver. You only have to make a free account on these websites, post your previously done work and you are ready to go. There is a long list of freelance works from where you can choose the job for you. Some significant student favourite freelance jobs include:

  • Content writing job.
  • Editing and proofreading work.
  • Data entry jobs.
  • Online tutoring.
  • Graphic designing.
  • Video editing.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) jobs.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Professional logo designing.
  • Product description writing.
  • Online marketing your products.
  • Helping students in their final-year projects and so on.

Indeed, this list is never-ending. There can be thousands of more freelancing jobs ideas. You think you have any specific Talent, you can sell it online and earn money. Still, unable to find a suitable job? Just open your cell phone camera and start making short videos, upload them on YouTube and start earning a bulk.

Extra Employment Opportunities After Graduation

International students can find a huge number of employment opportunities in Dubai after completion of their graduation. The government of UAE invest a lot of money on each international graduate student to nourish them as a good researcher. The students also get vital industrial experience during their internships and part-time jobs. Therefore, these students become an ideal choice for industrialists in Dubai. For this reason, the government of the UAE gives 30 days grace period to all the graduating students to search for job opportunities in Dubai. Most of the time, students get good employment opportunities on the basis of their academic performance and Industrial experience.

Female graduating students can also be sponsored by their UAE resident parents, husband or guardians. Whereas, other graduating female and male students who do not have any close relatives residing in Dubai utilize the 30 Days visa Grace-time to search for employment possibilities. In case any student gets employment, they can immediately apply for a permanent work visa. Also, the employed graduates can work as full-time workers using the employer sponsorship Visa.

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