Top 5 Kindergartens in Dubai for Toddlers

If you are looking for the perfect nursery and kindergarten for your kid, you are just at the right place because this article will discuss in detail all the notable kindergartens in Dubai.

Today we are living in a competitive environment, and all the participants of the society feel the pressure of the outside community. Everybody is looking for the best for himself and his family, and the same is the case with the parents who want their small kids to become the smartest citizens and brilliant students.

Why choose the best Kindergarten for your kid?

Now the parents are smart enough to select the best Educational Institutes even when it comes to nurseries and Kindergartens for their children.
There is no doubt in the fact that the foundation of the child is very important and is a decisive factor for his future and upcoming life. Hence, the correct selection of nurseries and kindergartens is essential for the overall development of the child in every sense including psychological, intellectual, emotional, and physical. As the competition is increasing, so is the number of available choices, hence making it even more difficult to select the perfect one for your little one.

Top 5 Kindergartens in Dubai

Luckily, today Dubai has become the hub of education and a globally recognized place for a world-class education. It not only provides higher education opportunities but also provides equal opportunity for schools, nurseries, and kindergarten for youngsters. They make sure to offer quality education and excellent nourishment opportunities to the kids.

1. Orange Tree Nursery, Dubai

Orange Tree Nursery Dubai

In accordance with the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), the Orange Tree Nursery has the privilege to be the first kindergartens in Dubai to follow this International Preschool Methodology. Besides providing excellent kindergarten services, the Orange Tree Nursery also has the facility of Daycare Center. It accepts all kids more than 4 months of age. The mission and core objective of this chain of preeminent Kindergarten is to provide early education in training to the kids in a caring and nurturing environment. The instructors and staff always keep the larger perspective in consideration i.e. the overall development of the child according to the international standards and requirements.

The Orange Tree Kindergarten also has initiated the famous “Soul Seeds” program particularly aimed at imparting quality beginner learning skills in the child leading to his character and personality development as a responsible citizen of the society. Furthermore, Orange Tree Kindergarten also offers plenty of extracurricular activities for the kids. The protection and security of small children at Nurseries are one of the most important factors for any Kindergarten; therefore, the orange tree kindergarten provides at most attention to the safety and security of small kids. Besides that, give all the necessary attention to the secure and protected learning and development environment for the children. Moreover, the orange tree Pita Garden in Dubai keeps on arranging educational trips and tours for the children to increase their exposure to the practical world.

This Kindergarten is located at 42nd Street, Sheik Zayed Road, Al Jafiliya, Dubai. Similarly, its contact number and website are +971 4 386 1578 and, respectively.

2. Ambassador kindergarten Dubai

Ambassador Kindergarten Dubai

This well-known nursery chain is located in the prestigious area of Mankhool, Bur Dubai. The Ambassador kindergarten Dubai has the privilege of having a large area of about 35000 square feet, which makes it very spacious and provides plenty of development and growth opportunities for young children and toddlers. Moreover, it has lots of other facilities such as the dance room, music studio and a yoga room. The higher management of the Ambassador Kindergarten chain believes in providing all the necessary facilities and development opportunities to the children for their nurturing and basic personality development. Similarly, it has a bundle of physical development activities for the children including outdoor sports activities and indoors dedicated sports facilities.

In order to provide a safe and secure learning environment to the small kids, the classroom and all other sections of the Kindergarten monitored by CCTV cameras 24/7. Every classroom also has an attached washroom for the small kids and staff, and the kindergarten has a strict policy to maintain a maximum ratio of 1:8 for each class-strength. This aspect makes it possible for the Teachers to give individual attention to each and every child and explore their hidden talents. This kindergarten is located at Mankhool, Bur Dubai and its contact number are + 971 4 379 9333.

3. Gem Nursery Dubai

Gem Nursery Dubai

It is one of the oldest nurseries in Dubai, which was established in the year 1973, making it almost equal to the age of Dubai itself. In the beginning, it was known as Dubai Gems School and Crèche but now it has the rain old name of Dubai Gem nursery. This kindergarten chain gets too much public attention and popularity within a very short period of time. It started with nearly 20 children and now it has become one of the most trusted Kindergartens in Dubai. The objective of this renowned nursery is to develop strong roots and charming personalities for their young children. It follows the British curriculum and has a beautiful location in the heart of the city near the Iranian Hospital.

All the students who to take admission to Gem nursery, Dubai get the privilege to get direct admission to Dubai Gem Private School which is situated in the Oud Metha area. As a whole, this nursery provides an excellent environment for learning and education officer small kid and pay equal attention to the safe and friendly development and nourishment of the young personalities. The Dubai Gem Nursery is located in Satwa, Dubai. Its contact number is +971 4 345 3550.

4. Cambridgeshire Nursery, Dubai

Cambridgeshire Nursery Dubai

Following the guidelines of the British Early Years Foundation stage program, the Cambridgeshire nursery in Dubai believes in the philosophy of bringing up each child based on his uniqueness and hidden talents. This nursery system is located in the safe and secure area of Mankhool, Dubai. All the teaching and faculty staff keep the main objective of this nursery Chain and try their best to explore the hidden talents of each kid. In order to make the kids realize their uniqueness by making them involved in a number of activities particularly meant for their development. The Cambridgeshire nursery has smartly segregated the education programs based on the age criteria of the children. It has three programs for the kids of different age groups, which are:

  1. The first stage program for toddlers between the ages of 1-2.
  2. The Nursery Level Program for the Kids between 2 to 3 years of age.
  3. The Foundation stage program for the Youngsters more than 3 years old.

The Cambridgeshire nursery has a team of trained and specialized staff ready to take care of the kids in each stage program with a lot of comfort and love. Moreover, this nursery has plenty of extracurricular activities. These include an outdoor play area, an indoor gym, and dedicated areas for music and art. It is located at Mankhool, Bur Dubai and its contact number and website are + 971 4 351 8173 and, respectively.

5. Toddlers International Nursery, Dubai

Toddlers International Nursery Dubai

This distinguished nursery system was opened in 2009 in Dubai with the aim of providing quality education to the small children beginning from their early years of learning. The Toddlers International Nursery Dubai tries to provide a secure and home-like environment to the youngsters in order to develop their strong foundations. This nursery system also follows the British early years’ foundation stage curriculum. It offers a variety of activities for the development and growth of children. They make them feel comfortable and enjoy the world in their own little way. This nursery system has two branches working in Dubai; one is located in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area while the weather is located in the Mankhool area. It’s contact number is + 971 4 398 3111.

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